Account Recovery Photo (ARP) Instructions

Are you having trouble signing into your Ferriswheel account? You may be required to provide an ARP to continue trading crypto, hassle-free. An Account Recovery Photo (ARP) is a photo of you, the account holder, holding your ID document and a handwritten note next to your face.

Use our checklist below to produce a proper ARP. Our verification team will review, and you’ll be back on your favourite bitcoin UK site in no time.

1. ID requirements

The ID you’re holding should be the same ID used for your Ferriswheel account verification. The details on the ID in the photo must be readable. They cannot be blurry or out of focus.

2. Note requirements

The handwritten note must say: "For unlocking my Ferriswheel account - I confirm that I am corresponding with on ticket #[your ticket number]" and include:

  • Today’s date
  • Your signature

Please pay close attention when writing the handwritten note! If even one word is different on the note, the ARP may be rejected. Keep in mind that we may request that you write something else on the handwritten note in certain situations. Please follow the instructions provided to you in your ticket closely. This is to protect each of our crypto trading users.

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