At Ferriswheel, we want to make sure you can continue to buy crypto stress-free. An authenticator app is usually installed on a smartphone and generates a 6-8 digit passcode every 30 seconds. People often use these apps for crypto trading websites, shopping online, and much more.

How does an authenticator app work?

The passcodes are generated from a secret code shared between the service you are using (e.g. Ferriswheel) and your device and the current time. The secret code provided at the time of download is all that is needed for backup.

Note: authenticator apps are not tied in any way to your SIM card or phone number, and that's a good thing.

Where can I get an authenticator app?

There are a variety of authenticator apps that you can download for your smartphone. A popular example is Google Authenticator, Authy or andOTP, which can be found in Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Security tips for using an authenticator app?

Be sure to enable remote locking and deleting of your smartphone in case it’s lost or stolen. This won’t just keep your crypto accounts safe, but also the rest of your sensitive information.

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