How Does Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Sign-In Work

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for sign-in improves account security by adding a second authentication method in addition to your sign-in password for signing in to your Ferriswheel account. When it comes to crypto trading, there’s no such thing as being too safe. 2FA helps protect against attackers and keeps your account safe.

Even if an attacker has access to your email address and password, they can’t sign in to your account without your 2FA. For example, if your email account is compromised, the attacker could request your Ferriswheel email address and reset your account password through your email. Having 2FA for sign-in enabled on your Ferriswheel account would prevent that attacker from successfully signing in even after gaining possession of both your email address and password.

Please note that sign-in 2FA is mandatory. We do this for added security. When you trade cryptocurrency with us, it’s our job to keep your account safe. At Ferriswheel, we consider 2FA sign-in an essential security feature that all account holders should utilise for their Ferriswheel account and email account!

How do I set up Sign-In 2FA?

1. Sign in to your Ferriswheel account.

2. Click on your Settings.

3. Click on Security.

4. Select the Authentication method drop-down menu.

The methods available are:

  • Authenticator app (most secure)
  • Text message (moderately secure)

Security Tip: Buy bitcoin safely. The Sign-In 2FA device for your Ferriswheel account should be kept separate from your email address and password, as storing this information together would provide an attacker all the necessary information to access your account.

If your 2FA device has been lost or stolen, your account is at risk of being compromised, especially if your email account can be accessed from that device. You should immediately sign in to your Ferriswheel account and change your password and 2FAs. Likewise, sign in to your email account and change the password and 2FAs there. If you are unable to sign in, contact our support team to have your account temporarily disabled.

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