Sometimes, crypto exchange accounts and 2FA apps need to be synced. If you’re having a hard time accessing your 2FA app to buy crypto, be sure your time is synced. Authenticator app 2FA codes are based on time and thus require the time on your phone to be in-sync with the official time. You can disconnect your phone from the internet and as long as its time is still correct, it will successfully generate correct 2FA codes. However, manual time settings and offline devices eventually slip out of sync. If your phone's time is out of sync, or if you have changed time zones, the best way to fix it is to change the time settings on your phone from "Manual" to "Automatic".

Android instructions may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer of the phone. Alternatively, you can try the Time Sync feature if you use Google Authenticator for Android.

If you did not write down or copy this backup code during the 2FA setup, there's no way for you (or us) to view it later. You will have to set up 2FA again.

The authenticator backup code should be treated the same way you treat a password and should not be stored digitally! If not securely stored, the backup code can be compromised and used to gain access to your account, ultimately putting your crypto exchange account in jeopardy.


  • Do not share your backup code with anyone
  • We will never ask for your backup code
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