Securing Your Ferriswheel Account and Digital Life

At Ferriswheel, we prioritise and invest heavily in security. While we do our best to guarantee the security of your crypto trading accounts, no amount of security on our end can make up for inadequate personal protection. It’s important to us that when you buy bitcoin, your account will always remain protected. Please use our advice to help keep you safe and never share access to your Ferriswheel account with anyone.

Securing your Ferriswheel Sign-In

1. Never allow anyone to create or manage an account on your behalf. The account holder should be the only person trading crypto.

2. Never share your Ferriswheel email address with anyone.

3. Create a long password (at least 15 characters), which is not used on any other website.

4. Beware of phishing scams. Even Sign-In 2FA can't protect your account if you enter it on a phishing website or share it with a scammer.

5. Only use Ferriswheel official mobile apps. Third-party mobile apps using Ferriswheel name or asking for your Ferriswheel credentials are forms of phishing.

Securing your Email

If the email account registered to your Ferriswheel account is compromised, it can be used to reset your password.

1. Create a password using the same tips as for your Ferriswheel password, but make the email password different.

2. Remove your phone numbers from your email account.

Securing your Internet

A compromised internet connection can steal your crypto exchange sign-in details and direct you to phishing sites. Here are some ways you can secure your internet connection:

1. Router password. Change the default password on your home internet router. Keeping the default password will allow any stranger from the internet to gain control over your router. To prevent brute force attacks, use a long-phrase (rather than a single word) along with numbers and symbols.

2. WiFi password. Make sure your WiFi network is password protected. This is separate from the router password.

3. Guest network. Create a guest network if your router has that option and keep the main network private for your devices only.

4. Avoid public WiFi. Use your mobile data plan instead. If you have to use public WiFi, make sure to have a reputable VPN (avoid free VPNs).

Securing your Devices

A compromised device can log everything you type into it. Also, mobile devices are the most common way to use two-factor authentication (2FA). Secure your devices with our tips below to keep your crypto trading accounts secure.

1. Device password. Create a secure passphrase and use fingerprint sign-in if possible. Avoid easy to guess pins and sign-in patterns.

2. Don't share your device. Don't get guilted by friends and family to share access and passwords to your devices, especially if you use those devices for your 2FA.

3. Never give remote access. Some customer service teams will request remote access to your computer to help troubleshoot technical issues, but this is very dangerous, and it is also the favorite technique of scammers. So always say 'No' to applications such as RemotePC, TeamViewer, and GoToMyPC. Ferriswheel Support will never ask you to install remote access software!

4. Avoid public devices. Only sign in from your personal devices.

5. Avoid work devices for personal accounts. They can monitor and record your activity.

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