After you buy crypto with us and attempt a withdrawal, there will be a minimum requirement along with a flat fee to cover the transaction costs of moving the cryptocurrency out of your Ferriswheel account.

Below is a summary of the minimums and fees.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal Fee Withdrawal Minimum
Bitcoin (BTC) 0.000082 BTC 0.002 BTC
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 0.001 BCH 0.002 BCH
Ethereum (ETH) 0.012 ETH 0.01 ETH
Litecoin (LTC) 0.002 LTC 0.004 LTC
Ripple (XRP) 0.5 XRP 1 XRP
Stellar Lumens (XLM) 0.01 XLM 1 XLM
Chainlink (LINK) 3.19 LINK 2.65 LINK
Polygon (MATIC) 36.45 MATIC 30.37 MATIC
Sandbox (SAND) 18 SAND 15 SAND
Tether (USDT) 36.45 USDT 30 USDT

Note: These values can change without notice and may not always be current.

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