How to Get Verified on Ferriswheel

To use our crypto trading platform you must be verified. After your account is created, verifying your account will allow funds to be deposited and trades to be made. Once you’re verified, you can start to buy crypto!

To become verified:

1. Sign in to your CoinBurp account.

2. Click on My Account, in the main navigation, and then Account levels, in the sub-navigation.


3. Click on the Verify your identity complete button and follow the instructions on screen.


4. Once you have verified your identity successfully, click on the Verify your address complete button and follow the instructions on screen.


5. Once you have successfully completed your verification, you will be upgraded to Level 1 where you will be able to start trading with us.


Note: You are only required to be at Level 1 to be able to trade with us.

As you progress through the levels, each level enables more funding options and higher limits, with Level 3 being the highest available.

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